The Little Wave

This is a little story which i’m citing from the book i had just read, ‘Morrie in His Own Words’. The story can be seen on page 126-127 of that book.

First, lemme tell you some things about this story. This story had been told to Morrie by his meditation teacher, and then, it was been re-told by Morrie to the reader of the book he wrote in the time of waiting for his impending death as the ending of the book.

There’s this little wave, a he-wave who’s bobbing up and down in the ocean off the shore, having a great time. All of a sudden, he realizes he’s going to crash into the shore. In this big wide ocean, he’s now moving toward the shore, and he’ll be annihilated. “My God, what’s going to happen to me?” he says, a sour and despairing look in this face.

Along comes a female wave, bobbing up and down, having a great time. And the female wave says to the male wave, “Why are you so depressed?” The male says, “You don’t understand. You’re going to crash into that shore, and you’ll be nothing.” She says, “You don’t understand, you’re not a wave; you’re part of the ocean.”.

That’s what i believe, too. I’m not a wave; I’m part of all humanity. I’m going to die, but I’m also going to live on. In some other form? Who knows? But I believe that I am part of a larger whole.

Was He right? I don’t know. Que sera-sera.


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